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The brand

Our history:

The creation of the brand takes place by chance. It’s been a long time since Sandra, the creator of Musidora, couldn’t find jewelry and accessories that suited her style, because she likes to wear original pieces and she never found ones that matched her. This is how she started making her own jewelry. It was when she saw that those around her appreciated her creations that Musidora was born.

The result is a brand that is defined by its freshness and modernity, which can be worn on any occasion. Musidora’s intention is that the wearers of the brand dare to mix and match the different pieces while having fun with their outfits.

Know how:

Sandra is the creator of the brand, each jewel is the result of meticulous work thanks to her tools, her passion and her creativity.

It’s in her workshop house on the French Riviera, a place of creativity and inspiration where light is present throughout the year, that Sandra imagines and creates each piece. The creator of Musidora is a graduate of a Business School and studied at the School of Fine Arts.

Musidora is a brand that reflects her image, art and jewelry are two of her passions, and had to be brought together in this project.

The pieces are handmade and combine a quality stainless steel with fine semi-precious stones.

Open to adventure, Musidora creates unique, elegant and singular pieces !

Why do we use stainless steel?

One of the advantages of this material is its hypoallergenic character. The quality of stainless steel is unalterable and indestructible. It does not oxidize, and does not stain with water, and thus lasts over time with its brilliance and tone.

Musidora combines delicate and organic semi-precious stones with pretty charms. The chains, as well as all the accessories of the jewel, are made of nickel-free stainless steel, making it a remarkable material.

Another advantage of using stainless steel is its hypoallergenic nature.

The steel being very resistant, your jewel will not tarnish over time.
A jewel since always and forever!

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